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Pressure Sensor with switching output AMS 5105

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AMS 5105


The AMS 5105 series of OEM sensors are fully signal conditioned, amplified, temperature compensated sensors in a dual in-line package (DIP) configuration with a 0,5 -4,5 V /2,5±2V analog output und and two independent, logical switching outputs. They are qualified for absolute, relative and differential measurement.

The AMS 5105 are calibrated and compensated in the temperature range of -25 – 85°C. High precision, high stability and low drift are the result of a combination between the MEMS technology and a microelectronics signal conditioning ASIC.

The AMS 5105 series pressure sensors are based on a highly stable, piezoresistive pressure sensor chips mounted on a ceramic substrate. The electronically programmable ASIC is contained in the same package to provide calibration and temperature compensation.

AMS 5105, for ultra low pressure, differential or bidirectional differential: 0 - 5; 0 - 10mbar or  ±5; ±10mbar

AMS 5105, for low pressure, differential or bidirectional differential: 0 - 20; 0 - 50; 0 - 100mbar or  ±20; ±50; ±100mbar

AMS 5105, for standard pressure, gage, differential or bidirectional differential: 0 - 200; 0 - 350; 0 -1000; 0 - 2000; 0 -4000, 0 - 7000mbar or ±200; ±350; ±1000mbar

AMS 5105, for absolute pressure: 0 - 1000mbar and 0 - 2000mbar

AMS 5105, for barometric (absolute) pressure: 750 – 1200mbar

The AMS 5105 can be modified for customer specifications.

USB-Starter Kit as accessory available for installation of the two binary outputs via I²C bus and USB-interface of a PC, also for programming an individual I²C bus address and adjusting the switching barriers, the hysteresis and switching type.

  • Amplified, calibrated, fully signal conditioned amplified output of 4.0 VDC FS span (0.5 to 4.5 V or 2,5±2V signal)
  • I²C-output with individual programming
  • Temperature output
  • Output ratiometric with supply voltage
  • High precision in a wide temperature range
  • Gage, differential, and absolute versions
  • Bidirectional differential applications for +/- pressure relative to zero pressure
  • DIP package for convenient PC board mounting
  • High overpressure range
  • RoHS compliant
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Respirators and ventilators
  • Barometric measurement
  • Pneumatic control
  • Gas flow
  • HVAC
  • Over- and under pressure measurement

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