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Industrial pressure transmitter AMS 3011

ams 3011
Transmitter AMS 3011


AMS 3011 is a series of robust pressure transmitters in a matchbox-sized metal package (IP67). This series is available for various pressure types and suitable for high precision measurements in industrial indoor and outdoor applications as well as in medical instrumentation.
An integrated CMOS-DSP and EEPROM provide state-of-the-art technology that allows for high accuracy in pressure measurement.
One process of AMS 3011 production is the calibration as well as the compensation of temperature dependent drift of offset and span. All sensors in this series provide an analog output signal of 0 .. 5 V and can be powered within a wide supply voltage range of VS = 8 ..36 V.
AMS 3011 comes in a rugged metal package with standard M5 female threads for pressure connection. Available with various pressure fittings and with or without connection cable.

AMS 3011 (low pressure) pressure ranges:
gage/differential or bidirectional differential: 0-50; 0-100 mbar or ±25; ±50 and ±100 mbar

AMS 3011 pressure ranges:
gage/differential or bidirectional differential: 0-200; 0-350; 0-500 mbar; 0-1,0; 0-2,0, 0-4,0; 0-7,0; 0-10,0 bar; ±200; ±350 und ±1000 mbar

AMS 3011 pressure ranges:
absolute 1000 and 2000mbar

Pressure ranges with interim values are available on customer request.

  • High accuracy in measurement
  • Low total error between -25…+85ºC
  • 0...5 V-Output signal
  • Wide range of supply voltage
  • Dust-and-water-tight (IP67)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Product "Made in Germany"
  • Simplest installation, quick start of operation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Low overall error
  • Barometric measurement
  • Monitoring of industrial filters
  • Pneumatic control
  • Monitoring of vacuum
  • Monitoring of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Over- and under pressure measurement

For information according to prices, delivery dates and sample ordering or for technical questions please contact

Amsys reserves the right for changes concerning dimensions, technical data and other details without previous announcement.