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Company Development

Foundation of AMSYS GmbH&Co. KG, Mainz
Distribution contract with Silicon Microstructure Inc.
Distribution contract with Intersema S.A.
Exclusive Distributor for Analog Microelectronics GmbH
Distribution contract with MEAS Inc.
Introduction of tilt sensors into the AMSYS portfolio
Introduction of temperature sensors into the AMSYS portfolio
Introduction of miniaturized humidity sensors into the AMSYS portfolio

Company Strategy

AMSYS concentrates its activities on sensor technology alone, offering a wide range of OEM products for pressure sensors with the required competence. It is company strategy to enable customers in all areas in the field of sensors to find an optimal solution for their particular applications. To be able to offer such sensors AMSYS focuses as distributor on the cooperation with a few but advanced high-technology companies. Because of the the close engineering contact to the suppliers customer specific solutions can be provided. AMSYS defines itself not as a pure trading company, but is equipped with the technical competence and the necessary measurement instruments to ensure an extensive support to its customers. The focus of the AMSYS portfolio lies on the OEM sensors from the fields of pressure, humidity, temperature and tilt sensing.

Product Portfolio

In the field of pressure sensing AMSYS offers a considerable product range for all measuring methods (absolute, relative, differential pressure). The product portfolio ranges from simple pressure measurement cells (wafer) and SMD-mountable sensors to ready-to-use pressure transmitter all with analog output (current or voltage) or digital interfaces like I²C or SPI. Various pressure ranges are offered, from ultra low 5mbar to high pressure 600bar. Low pressure sensors in particular are a prime focus of the company with several different models on offer (differential, bidirectional differential sensors). AMSYS  has also supplied selected sensors from TE Connectivity (MEAS Specialties Inc.) since 2010, including the inclinometer series. OEM humidity sensors, temperature sensors and magnetic encoders were added to the range of micromechanical sensors.

Delivery Assurance

The measuring cells offered by AMSYS are based on micromechanical semiconductor components which the company can use second-source silicon capabilities for. One of the company's objectives is to ensure availability of as many of its products as possible from second suppliers so that customers are guaranteed maximum delivery assurance. By working together with the supplier's quality assurance executives AMSYS is able to provide a standard of quality which exceeds that of the usual distributors.

Benefits for our customers

  • Wide product range in the area of pressure sensors with the focus on OEM sensors
  • AMSYS -portfolio covers all pressure measuring methods (absolute, barometric, relative, differential and bidirectional differential pressure)
  • The portfolio ranges from simple pressure measurement cell over the SMD-mountable sensors to ready-to-use pressure transmitters
  • Modification of standard pressure sensors according to costumers needs
  • AMSYS offers new solutions in the following fields:
    • High precision tilt sensors (OEM products and transmitters)
    • Modern miniaturized OEM humidity and temperature sensors
  • Professional technical consulting by AMSYS -employees