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Button June 2019
The ceramic pressure sensor ME900 is a ready-to-use monolithic pressure transducer mounted in a housing. The sensor made with a 9 mm diameter ceramic cell works following the piezoresistive principle.

Button June 2019
New absolute pressure sensor series SM11X1 for barometric air pressure measurement (BAP) available in for ranges from 15 - 180 kPa with 3 different output signals analog/digital.

Button May 2019
The SM923X are fully conditioned, digital ultra-low pressure sensor for ranges 250-600 Pa. Coming in a SOIC-16-package with a dual vertical porting option, they can be easily mounted and need no further microcontroller.

Button March 2019
AMSYS will be at the Hannover Messe first week of April 2019 and present new pressure transmitters as the wireless sensor U5600 and the analog and digital pressure sensor M3200. Looking forward to seeing you at booth F43 in hall 11 from April 1st - 5th 2019 in Hannover, Germany.

Button November 2018
AMSYS at the electronic 2018 in Munich
Come to see us in Munich from November 13th-16th at booth 317 in hall B3 and see our new sensors.

Button September 2018
The ultra-low digital pressure sensors SM9333/SM9336 are offering state-of-the-art MEMS pressure transducer technology and CMOS mixed signal processing technology to produce a digital, fully conditioned, multi-order pressure and temperature compensated sensor in JEDEC standard SOIC-16 package with a dual vertical porting option. It is available in a differential pressure configuration.

Button August 2018
This USB-Interface Starter Kit AMS 6915 can be used to easily read the digital I2C output (pressure and temperature) and to program an individual I2C address. The starter kit consists of two printed circuit boards and a software package and can be run on windows PC with an USB port and with operating system XP SP3 or above. The kit has a USB port. No external supply needed.

Button July 2018
The pressure sensor AMS 6915 is a board mountable digital pressure sensor in a compact DIL package with horizontal or vertical tube fittings. The calibrated and temperature compensated sensors with I2C-interface have an operating temperature range of -25 .. 85 °C and fit for microcontroller applications. Ultra-low pressure variants are available for differential pressure measurements down to ±2.5 mbar.

Button June 2018
The pressure sensors SM7491, SM7391, SM7491 with digital & analog output are a low pressure MEMS sensor family with CMOS mixed signal processing technology. They are fully conditioned and have multi-order pressure and temperature compensated outputs. This series provides JEDEC standard SOIC-16 package with a dual vertical or horizontal ports options. It is available in gauge, differential, asymmetric differential configurations.

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The need for pressure measurement in the time of digitalization brings us to wireless solutions with the pressure transmitters such as U5600. This battery-powered sensor is sending its data via Bluetooth. The pressure sensor is fully calibrated and fits for pressure ranges between 0-5 and 500 psi.
Datasheet U5600

Digital data does not fit to every application. That’s why the pressure transmitter M3200 offers a choice between digital I2C or numerous analog output signals. This transmitter’s pressure range goes from 7 bar to 350 bar and fits for measurements of liquid or gas pressure, including contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids. The sensor is a vailable with various pressure ports and electrical configurations
Datasheet M3200

AMS 4710 is a pressure sensor with 0 .. 10 V voltage output in a robust plastic package (IP67). Covering a temperature range from -25 to 85 °C, pressure transmitter AMS 4710 is available for all kinds of pressure: absolute, relative, differential and bidirectional in a multitude of pressure ranges from 5 mbar up to 2 bar.
Datasheet AMS 4710
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Starting a new collaboration with Panasonic Europe, AMSYS proudly presents a new series of pressure switches with digital display. The DP-0 and DP-100 are easy to install and perfectly fit for industrial gas measurement and control of non-corrosive gas like for leak tests. Three different output modes and a wide range of modules allow measuring pressures from -1 to +10 bars.
Datasheet DP-0 series | Datasheet DP-100 series
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The digital HTU(F)38XX and analog HTU(F)35XX series are ready-to-use plug and play sensor modules for accurate humidity and temperature measurement. They output the relative humidity and temperature value as digital signal in I2C or as analog value. The modules meet high chemical and physical requirements and are easy to mount. Supply of 3 V or 5 V
More Information HTU(F)38XX
More Information HTU(F)35XX

The miniaturized pressure transmitters AMS 3011 is offered in a robust metal package (IPF67). He is suitable for absolute- relative- and differential pressure measurement and usable for a large pressure range (between 50 mbar and 10 bar). With 0-5 V output voltage and 8 - 36 V supply voltage the AMS 3011 is conform to the industrial requirements
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The differential low pressure sensor SM9543 with digital I2C interface and 14bit resolution is available for the pressure range ±5mbar. The pressure sensor housing features a JEDEC compliant SOIC-16 footprint for straight-forward PCB design and assembly. The SM9543 is particularly suitable for medical, HVAC and gas measurement applications.
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metal The new digital 24bit triple sensor module MS8607 measures barometric pressure, temperature and humidity in a very high resolution. The sensor is mounted in a QFN-package (5.0x3.0x1.0 mm³). It is well suited for intelligent mobile applications due to its small size, wide supply voltage and low power consumption.
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The MS5637 is a high precision barometric pressure module and includes a linear pressure sensor and an ultra low power 24 bit-converter with internal factory calibrated coefficients. The MS5637 impresses with its small size (3.0x3.0x0.9mm³) and is especially suitable for mobile high volume applications.
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