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Button september 2017
AMSYS presents the humidity sensor module - HTU(F)3800 - to be located between an OEM sensor (e.g., HTU21D(F)) and a ready-to-use transmitter. With help of this module, a transmitter can be set up in a simple manner. A processor and an industrial housing are still missing - it's all.

Button September 2016
In the application note: two-wire current loop with the example of the 4 - 20 mA pressure transmitter - AMS 4712 – is shown, how the proven but nevertheless strange two-wire current interface (4..20 mA current loop) works.

Button April 2017 
The OEM pressure sensor AMS 5812 is distinguishable, among other things, by an analogue and a parallel digital output. A detailed description and the benefits of the parallel outputs for the application are shown in the application note: AMS 5812 - OEM pressure sensor with analogue and digital output.

Button february 2017
AMSYS has moved and enlarged its facilities. Your sensor experts will still be at your service for questions concerning pressure, humidity and temperature sensors. Please use the existing phone numbers and email addresses to contact us.

This is our new address:

An der Fahrt 4
55124 Mainz


Button September 2016
The application note "Interfacing AMS 5812 to an Arduino" describes how to interface the OEM pressure sensor AMS 5812 with an Arduino Uno development board. For easy data readout via I2C AMSYS presents a special PCB connecting the AMS 5812 to an Arduino Uno as well as a short demo C source code and a library for Arduino’s integrated development environment.

Button May 2016
AMSYS presents on the occasion of the Sensor+Test fair in Nürnberg the miniaturized pressure transmitters AMS 3011.The industrial sensor is offered in a metal package with two M5 female threads for pressure connection. The transmitters are calibrated and temperature compensated in a wide range of -25 .. 85 °C and provide an amplified analog output voltage. The AMS 3011 is especially suitable for differential pressure measurement with large common-mode pressure in indoor and outdoor applications.

Button April 2016
The application note 'OEM-Pressure Sensors AMS 5105 / 5612 / 5812 / 5915-Mounting Instructions' werden gives you recommendations for the mounting of the dual-in-line-pressure sensors on pcb.

Button January 2016
AMSYS presents the media resistant absolute/relative pressure transducer series U5200 of Measurement Specialties used in demanding environments. The amplified models of the U5200 series are offered in a multitude of electrical and mechanical versions with several output signals for pressure ranges between 0-2psi and 0-10.000psi, samples are available at short notice. Possible applications can be found e.g. in hydraulic/pneumatic systems, in pumps/compressors and in utility vehicles.


Button October 2015
AMSYS presents the new ultra low pressure sensor SM9543 of Silicon Microstructures. The sensors outputs an I2C signal and has a 14 bit resolution. The pressure sensor housing features a JEDEC compliant SOIC-16 footprint for straight-forward PCB design and assembly. The SM9543 is available in a bidirectional differential version for the pressure range ±5mbar.

Button August 2015
The OEM-pressure sensors from the AMS 5XXX series are offered for all pressure types (absolute, gage and (bidirectional) differential) with various pressure ranges and different output configurations. The application note aan512 shows in which points the various pressure sensor versions differ.

Button May 2015
AMSYS illustrates with help of the product information pr8607 the mode of technical functioning of the triple sensor and the most important specifications. Furthermore there are some references for applications of the combined pressure, temperature and humidity sensor.


Button March 2015
The company AMSYS presents the new ultra miniaturized 24bit triple sensor module MS8607 for measuring the barometric pressure, the temperature and the relative humidity. The fusion module is mounted in a QFN-package (5.0x3.0x1.0 mm³). Due to its small size, wide supply voltage range and low power consumption the MS8607 is well suited for applications in the consumer electronic and industrial marketplace such as smartphones and tablet PCs, HVAC applications, weather stations, printers, and home appliance and humidifiers.

Button October 2014
AMSYS presents the miniaturized digital temperature sensor TSYS02 of Measurement Specialties in an ultra-compact TDFN8-Gehäuse (dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5mm²). The 16-bit temperature sensing resolution combined with the low power and highly accurate characteristics make these sensors cost-effective replacements for thermistors, NTCs and RTDs. The outstanding performance-cost ratio of the TSYS02 makes these sensors ideal for high volume applications.

Button September 2014
Interesting details concerning the construction of the media resistant differential pressure transducer D5100 can be found in the application note aan516.

Button August 2014
AMSYS presents the next digital humidity and temperature sensor HTU20-D which consists of a capacitive humidity measuring element combined with a bandgap temperature sensor. Because of its small size and low power consumption the sensor is especially suitable for battery bound applications.

Button May 2014

Foto HTU

New: Miniaturized digital humidity sensor at AMSYS

Famous for being an OEM pressure sensor distributor AMSYS offers from now on also OEM humidity sensors. As first product AMSYS presents the miniaturized humidity sensor HTU21-D of Measurement Specialties, which outputs the humidity and the temperature with a very high accuracy via I2C interface.
AMSYS also offers the HTU21D mounted on a PCB with pins for prototyping and batch production (PHTU21).

Button february 2014
AMSYS presents the media resistant differential pressure sensor series D5100 of Measurement Specialties as a real wet/wet pressure transducer. The amplified model of the D5100 series exceeds the latest heavy industrial CE requirements. The transducers are offered in a multitude of electrical and mechanical versions for pressure ranges between 0-1psi and 0-500psi. Different industrial output alternatives are available.


Button November 2013
In order to facilitate the choice of the best fitting OEM pressure sensor AMSYS compiled two matrices with the most important parameters (e.g. pressure range, temperature range, output signal). The first matrix contains Dual-In-Line pressure sensors, the second one shows a summary of all SMD pressure sensors available at AMSYS.

Button October 2013
AMSYS offers a great variety of digital barometric pressure sensor modules produced by the company Measurement Specialties. Modules are pressure sensors, whose output signals have to be calculated by an external microprocessor. In order to facilitate the choice of the best fitting module AMSYS compiled a comparison table with the most important parameters of the baromodules.

july 2013
AMSYS describes in the application note aan515 how a pressure transmitter with MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) can be used for measurement of liquids and reactive gases (e.g. level and reaction pressure measurement). The presented example AMS 4711 has underside pressurization as a standard and is thus suitable for measuring pressure in a number of different liquids and reactive gases for e.g. industrial, medical and HCAC-applications.

AMS4711 matchbox

Industrial pressure transmitter in a new package

july 2013
AMSYS presents the newest 24 bit barometric pressure sensor module MS5805 of the company Measurement Specialties. The module has a pressure resolution of 0.02mbar (15cm altitude resolution) and a temperature resolution of <0.01°C and is therefore suitable for high precision applications. The current consumption of only 0.9µA qualifies the sensor module, which needs no external components, especially for battery bound applications. Despite of its small size the MS5805 is gel-coated and therefore protected against moisture and dust.


Jump of Felix Baumgartner

"Felix Baumgartners stratosphere jump
with pressure sensor modules of AMSYS"

october 2012
AMSYS enlarges the OEM-sensor range and introduces the brand new universal magnetic encoder KMA36 of Measurement Specialties for precise rotational or linear measurement. Its sleep and low power mode as well as automatic wake-up make the KMA36 ideal for many battery applications.

october 2012
AMSYS, Mainz expands the OEM-sensor range and introduces the brand new 24bit digital temperature sensor TSYS01 of Measurement Specialties. The TSYS01 impresses by its high accuracy of ±0.1°C, with the accuracy and the temperature range adjustable to the costumer’s needs. Additionally the TSYS01 features a very low power consumption (<12.5 µA ; Standby: < 0.14 µA) and low self heating.


october 2012
From now on starterkits with USB-connection are available for pressure sensor series AMS 5812, AMS 5915 and AMS 5105, which allow the communication via I²C interface with the individual sensor. You find the starter kits besides other useful accessory for pressure sensor technology here:

August 2012
AMSYS makes the application note "C-code example for MS56xx and MS58xx series pressure sensors"available to its costumers. This application note describes the communication between a microcontroller and MEAS Switzerland’s MS56XX and MS58xx pressure sensor modules series using SPI and I²C protocol.

May 2012
AMSYS presents its new whitepaper wp03, in which the basics of differential pressure sensing are described. In particular a frequently required setup version which AMSYS refers to as "bidirectional differential pressure sensors" is in the focus of this paper.

November 2011
AMSYS presents the MS5611, an ultra-miniaturized pressure and temperature module from the company MEAS Switzerland S.A.. The module has a pressure resolution of 0.012mbar (10cm altitude resolution) and a temperature resolution of <0.01°C and is therefore suitable for high precision applications. The current consumption of only 0.9μA qualifies the sensor module, which needs no external components, especially for battery bound applications.

February 2011
AMSYS introduces the 3 volt version of the established AMS 5812 with an I²C interface in the form of the new AMS 5915. With the AMS 5915 (I²C interface at VDD=3V), the AMS 5105 (Pressure switch with analog output) and the AMS 5812 (analog output and I²C interface) the production series of the Dual-In-Line pressure sensors is completed.


November 2011
AMSYS continues his series of articles, which present in short form "What to know about pressure measurement". In the whitepaper wp02.pdf you will learn "how to measure absolute pressure using piezoresistive sensing elements."

October 2011
Presse release: Altitude measurement with the 24bit miniature pressure sensor MS5607
In the press release pr6607 you will find how to measure the altitude with the help of an absolute pressure sensor. The sensor module used is described in detail. With the aid of the miniature sensor module MS5607 the altitude can be detected with a resolution of 20cm.

June 2011
Miniaturized Pressure Sensor Module MS5803-XXBA now in new pressure ranges available
The sensor module MS5803-XXBA of MEAS Switzerland S.A. can now be purchased besides the 10-1300mbar-version also for pressure ranges from 300 to 2000mbar and from 0-6, 0-14 and 0-30bar at AMSYS. The module impresses with its high resolution of 24bit. Due to its minor size, low current consumption (1μA) and small supply voltage (1.8 to 3.6V) the module is especially qualified for battery bound/mobile applications.


How to measure the altitude very precisely with a miniaturized silicium pressure sensor (MS5607) is the content of the application note aan509.pdf.
AMSYS takes over the distribution of all pressure sensors of Measurement Specialties Inc. ( All pressure sensors of Measurement Specialties Inc. (MEAS) can be ordered with immediate effect by AMSYS.

April 2010
How to achieve a wide media compatibility with silicon measurement pressure sensors is explained using the example of AMS 5812 in the application note aan508.pdf 

March 2010

AMSYS starts with a new series of articles, which present in short form “What to know about pressure measurement”. The first article is: The various versions of pressure sensors – from the silicon sensing element to the pressure transmitter - wp01.pdf 

AMSYS starts 2010 with the presentation of MS5607-B, the industry's highest resolution miniature pressure sensor module with ultra low power consumption for long battery life. The new product of MEAS Switzerland S.A (former Intersema S.A.) offers a 24bit resolution in pressure and temperature (0.024mbar and <0.01°C). In addition to high resolution the device features an ultra low consumption of 0.9μA which guarantees several year of autonomy for battery-powered applications.

The MS5607 can replace the discontinued SCP1000 of VTI Technologies Oy.